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My passion for black and white photography was set in motion the summer of 1975. I had my first contact with a “homemade” black and white photograph. Set before me, a panoramic scene of the Cascade Mountains of Washington, white billowing clouds against a black sky, sharp snow capped peaks laden with the dark foliage of the pine forest below. From that moment on I was hooked and within a two-year period I had my own personal darkroom up and running. And now some thirty years later…still running.

Over this period of time I have been primarily self-taught in fine art, black and white photography, having extensively studied the works and technical writings of many accomplished photographers. Also, instruction by and the influence of Howard Bond have been enlightening and appreciated.

I am inspired to play a role in carrying on the rich tradition of large format conventional photography as its history progresses through time. The creative process of capturing an image on film stimulates me. Then, through the science and art of the darkroom, I take pleasure in transforming the image into a traditional silver-gelatin photograph.

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing my work.